Compare Commercial Air Scrubbers

The commercial air scrubbers listed are meant for use in crawlspaces, attics and open rooms in homes, businesses and wherever indoor air quality is a concern. Commercial air scrubbers are used during repairs, remodeling, painting, sewage cleanups, mold remediation, fire damage restoration and water damage restoration.

Portable Commercial Air Scrubbers

Compare the airflow rating (in CFM), amperage draw, average customer rating, price and availability of the most popular portable air scrubbers. Our top commercial air scrubber picks are included below as well as the other units reviewed.

Each of the air scrubbers below is meant for heavy use in a mold remediation, restoration or other indoor air quality capacity. Whether All units have a minimum of three filtration levels and include HEPA filtration.

Air ScrubberMax AirflowPowerRatingPriceAvailability
Abatement Technologies Predator750 CFM1.9 amps5.0/5Price not availableCheck
B-Air HEPA Air Scrubber RA-650500 CFM2.5 amps4.5/5Price not availableCheck
BlueDri AirShield AS-550550 CFM2.5 amps4.5/5Price not availableCheck
Costway Air Scrubber500 CFM3.0 amps5.0/5Price not availableCheck
Dri-Eaz DefendAir F284500 CFM3.0 amps4.4/5Price not availableCheck
OdorStop OS500 Heavy Duty500 CFM3.0 amps4.2/5Price not availableCheck
XPOWER X-2480A Professional550 CFM2.8 amps4.3/5$699.00Check
XPOWER X-2580 Commercial550 CFM2.8 amps3.9/5$699.00Check
XPOWER X-3400A Professional500 CFM2.8 amps4.3/5Price not availableCheck

Commercial Air Scrubbers

Compare and contrast larger air scrubbers including price, customer rating, CFM and amperage. The commercial air scrubbers below aren’t as portable as the units in the table above. The all do, however include casters or wheels to ease moving. These units are capable of higher air flow than their smaller counterparts.

Air ScrubberMax AirflowPowerRatingPriceAvailability
Abatement Technologies H2KM2000 CFM10 amps4.6/5Price not availableCheck
Novair F1000 Air Scrubber1000 CFM5.0/5Price not availableCheck
Novair F2100 Air Scrubber2000 CFM5.0/5Price not availableCheck
Phoenix Restoration Guardian1400 CFM12 amps/5Price not availableCheck
Pullman Ermator A600600 CFM2.1 amps5.0/5Price not availableCheck