Compare Commercial Mold Dehumidifiers

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The commercial dehumidifiers for mold below are separated by their form factor, being either compact or full-size. When choosing the best commercial dehumidifiers each of the units below was reviewed. Compact units are the box format whereas full-size are upright, usually with one set of wheels. Both form factors are used by professionals for industrial jobs.

Compact Dehumidifiers for Mold

Commercial dehumidifiers in the compact category below include both normal and LGR dehumidifiers. Each of these units takes the popular box shape and are commonly used for mold remediation, restoration and water damage jobs. The compact commercial units are especially relevant when choosing a dehumidifier for a basement or crawlspace.

Dehumidifier Max Airflow AHAM/Saturation Rating Price Availability
AlorAir Storm Extreme 210 CFM 85 PPD/190 PPD 4.4/5 $799.11 Check
AlorAir Sentinel HDi90 210 CFM 55 PPD / 120 PPD 4.2/5 $1,147.11 Check
Dri-Eaz PHD 200 210 CFM 90 PPD/198 PPD 3.1/5 $1,327.98 Check
180 CFM 80 PPD/130 PPD /5
XPOWER XD-75H 170 CFM 74 PPD/135 PPD 5.0/5 Price not available Check
XPOWER XD-85LH 180 CFM 85 PPD/155 PPD 3.2/5 $1,953.00 Check

Full-Size Mold Dehumidifiers

Full-size commercial dehumidifiers often boast higher AHAM and Saturation capabilities with the trade-off of being larger in size. The industrial units below can be moved easily once in their workspace, but a single person may struggle to load them for transportation.

Dehumidifier Max Airflow AHAM/Saturation Rating Price Availability
AlorAir Storm Elite 325 CFM 125 PPD/270 PPD 3.8/5 Price not available Check
AlorAir Storm Pro 210 CFM 85 PPD/180 PPD 1.0/5 Price not available Check
AlorAir Storm Ultra 210 CFM 90 PPD/190 PPD /5 Price not available Check
BlueDri BD-130 410 CFM 130 PPD/225 PPD 3.5/5 $999.00 Check
BlueDri BD-76 235 CFM 86 PPD/150 PPD 3.7/5 $970.66 Check
647 CFM 110 PPD/232 PPD /5
Maxx Air 75 UNK 75 PPD/145 PPD 3.4/5 Price not available Check