Air scrubber interest follows flood trends

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According to U.S. data from search giant Google, interest in air scrubbers is growing at an increasing rate. In the ten-year time period ending in June of 2019, search volume has quadrupled. Some pontificate the rise in interest is due to an increase of both intensity and number of flood-causing storms.

Air Scrubber Interest - 10 Year
‘Air Scrubber’ Internet Searches – 10 Year View

Air scrubber interest by state

Searches below are per capita (adjusted for state population).

Air Scrubber Interest by US State
Arizona led air scrubber interest followed by the mid-Atlantic region.

Top Interest by State (10 year period ending June 2019)

North Carolina76

Concentration of searches by state shows mid-Atlantic stats dominating Internet searches with outlier Arizona taking the overall lead. With storms causing flooding on the rise along the Atlantic seaboard, a heavy prominence of states in that area makes sense. Interest in Arizona and other southwestern states may be driven by an increase in sizable dust storms, called haboobs, in the state.

Related searches of interest

Per the same dataset, the top related topics were The Home Depot, Aerus, duct, indoor mold and floor. The Home Depot’s inclusion was likely related to purchase intent. Aerus manufactures consumer air purification products. While indoor mold is straightforward, duct and floor searches are all likely related to inquires about the location of mold or other airborne contaminants.

Other contributing factors

Also worth considering is overall health concerns, and the inability to clearly differentiate consumer-based air scrubber interest vs. commercial interest. While most interest is likely squarely attributed to industrial applications, some consumer searchers could be using the term.

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