AlorAir Storm LGR Extreme Commercial Dehumidifier Review

AlorAir Storm LGR Extreme Commercial Dehumidifier Review

AlorAir has been designing and manufacturing quality commercial dehumidifiers for years. With the AlorAir Storm LGR Extreme Commercial Dehumidifier they’ve taken years of experience and focused it in one portable unit. Every restoration professional should give the Storm LGR Extreme consideration. We did, and it was chosen as our top pick for best commercial dehumidifier … Read more

Why is mold growing in my home?

Mold Growing Indoor Requires Moisture

Mold is a word that almost universally instills fear in homeowners. Fearing mold growing where you live is a valid concern. As with anything alarmist, however, there is a mix of fact and fiction about mold. Mold in the natural environment Since molds are seen as such a toxic, foreign contaminant, people are often surprised … Read more

Sizing up airborne particles and pollutants

Airborne Particles Viewed Through a Microscope

While most people are aware that air contains nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide, many would be surprised to know that there is much more, much more lingering in the air. We’re talking about airborne particles, particulates and pollutants. Learn what they are, how they are sized, and their size relative to one another.